North Bay Police Service tells CTV News that a domestic-related occurrence was reported on Friday, April 26 after the victim's estranged partner allegedly violated an existing probation order prohibiting contact with the victim.

Subsequently, an arrest warrant has been issued on two counts of Breach of Recognizance. 

The name of the accused is being withheld to protect the identity of the victim.


Residents in the Greater Sudbury community of Capreol are on edge after a police presence related to a man wanted for Breach of Recognizance in North Bay.

Early Saturday morning, Sudbury police say they were contacted by North Bay police about a man who is wanted in relation to a domestic matter, saying he was possibly headed to the community of Capreol on a Via Rail train.

Officers arrived at the train station on Front Street at 3:15 am on April 27 and waited for the train to arrive.

Sudbury police say when it arrived; officers approached the service manager, were told that the man was not on the train, but insisted on searching the train to ensure that the man was not inside.

Once on the train, Sudbury police officials say the officers began clearing the train car by car. The Officers showed a picture of the man to an employee on the train, who confirmed that he had been on it. Individuals on the train also confirmed that the man was on the train and when the train had stopped he immediately exited out a service door on the opposite side of the train.

Officers conducted a ground search of the area; however, could not locate the man.

The man is 38-years-old and is described as being 6’2” tall, around 200 pounds, with very short, brown hair, and at the time was unshaven. He was last seen wearing grey track pants, a black hoodie with a white logo, white running shoes, and a black toque.

Police say that since it is not a GSPS investigation, they do not have the right to release his photo and that releasing his name could potentially identify the victim.  

On Monday, April 29, Sudbury police officials say they received a call regarding a suspicious person in the area; however, it has not been confirmed that it was the same person.

Officers attended the area, but the man had already left.

Greater Sudbury police will only confirm they are looking for the person, but won't say if he's dangerous.

Local residents calling CTV News say they are unhappy to be offered no information by police or by any authorities regarding public safety.