The hot dry weather we've been enduring in the Northeast for the past month has been just the latest curve thrown to area farmers.

For many farmers who produce in our region, this summer hasn't been the best for growing fruits and vegetables

Fluctuating weather conditions haven't been working in favor for local farmers but those with greenhouses say their crops have been protected.

The season started off slow but local farmers say the burst of warm weather has left growers playing catch up. 

Farmers say following a cold spring and lack of rain, many crops have had to be replanted, but a much different situation than last year. 

"This year is not really good, the weather is ahh the produce is coming to slow and last year is everything is fast," said Eusebio Vazquez of Leisure Farms.

Vazquez wasn’t alone with his planting dilemma.

"Things that didn't germinate we had to replant like early on when it was so hot the beets and some of the carrots had a little hard time germinating. Most of us replanted and they're coming to the market you can see them coming in here and there," echoed Wayne Chalmers of Springhill Farms.

Local growers say with a slow start to the season and fewer crops, the price for fruits and vegetables could go up.