Liberal incumbent Anthony Rota will continue to represent the Nipissing-Timiskaming region.

Rota won his seat back with over 40% of the overall vote.  

It’s the 5th time Rota was voted back into the House of Commons since 2004.

"This is certainly going to be an interesting time and I think we’re going to do wonderful things for the country," Rota told reporters after finding out he was holding onto the riding. "I’m honoured with the large numbers we got back in.”

Many of Rota’s competitors stopped by his election night headquarters at the Davedi Club to congratulate the re-elected Member of Parliament shortly after he was declared the winner.

"Our riding has been notoriously Liberal, and I think we did run a good race, but we didn’t do it this time," says Conservative candidate Jordy Carr, who wants to stay as the local candidate.

Meanwhile, local Green Party candidate Alex Gomm congratulated Rota on the win, and says despite his loss, he is excited for his party's performance.

"We’ve picked up a couple of new seats in the east and that’s amazing. It shows that there’s a lot of positive response to the green message," said Gomm.

Local People’s Party of Canada candidate Mark King was hopeful more people would support him. He believes the PPC won’t exist anymore, "This will be the end of the People’s Party, no question in my mind. We felt there was tremendous support out there and things would have been a lot better and a lot different than what we’ve seen happen."

Local NDP candidate Rob Boulet sent a statement to CTV News. He says: "We hope that all Liberals make things right with Indigenous communities and their children. There can be no more delays because it is clear, they need a government who will stand up with them, and that responsibility needs to be top priority."

Rota was swarmed by supporters wearing red Team Rota shirts and he later gave a speech thanking his supporters and staff.