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Human trafficking education initiative held at Sudbury airport


Angels of Hope Against Human Trafficking is partnering with the Greater Sudbury Airport on an educational initiative that will start in early May.

The partnership will educate staff and passengers on how to recognize the signs of human trafficking and what to do.

‘Spot the Signs Break the Chains’ is the name of the initiative that will include signage that will go up in early May at the Greater Sudbury Airport.

“We are educating passengers and staff on the signs of abuse,” said Jelise Keating, program coordinator Angels of Hope.

“So this is the sign here that helps others … to see that human trafficking is happening, abuse is happening, and this is a sign for help.”

Airport officials said staff will also learn about lines of communications to take action.

“For us, we are going to be working with the airport community, our staff and those here working at the airport to really ensure that they are educated,” said Christopher Pollesel, manager of passenger experience with the Greater Sudbury Airport.

“They have the education to spot the signs of human trafficking and offers them the resources and support of what they can do if somebody identifies the need for help.”

Angels of Hope is a non-profit organization that received grant money to for the educational initiative from a local charity and the federal government.

“We were very lucky to have applied for a grant through the Sudbury Community Foundation as well as the Department of Justice Canada, who approved our grant and has been funding this project,” said executive director Cristina Scarpellini. Top Stories

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