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Homeless international students in North Bay reach agreement with Canadore


Between 50 and 100 homeless international students, some of whom who slept in tents outside Canadore College this week, say they have come to an agreement with the college.

The students, mainly from India, said their plight was especially unfair since they pay much higher tuition, but once they arrived in the city could find nowhere to live.

The students told CTV News that college officials have assured them accommodation will be arranged at affordable rates,

Students who choose to return home will have their full fees refunded without any deduction and classes will be made available online for those who cannot find a place to live in the city.

More than a dozen international students slept camped out overnight Tuesday in protest of their housing situation.

Some said they had been living in hotels.

Canadore confirmed the news Thursday afternoon, saying all students who were part of the protest are currently in housing. 

“Canadore continues to work with all students to find appropriate accommodation,” the school said.

The college promises to provide a more fulsome update “next week.”

The Montreal Youth Students Organization (MYSO) sent representatives to North Bay to help with the situation. MYSO representative Khushpal Grewal said the students are relieved.

“The college promised the students it will accommodate them,” Grewal said.

He said the college is renting a hotel in the city until Sept. 30, giving the students a place to stay while the college looks for a more permanent solution.

Grewal added all of their meals will be covered while they stay there. MYSO is giving the college three days to come forward with a permanent housing fix. If not, the students say they will be out demonstrating again.

“They promised to figure it all out in three business days,” said Grewal.

“If they follow through with the solutions, then it’ll be fine.” Top Stories

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