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Home video of hilarious northern Ont. toddler makes video contest finals


A Timmins family is having the experience of a lifetime and it’s all thanks to a sassy and hilarious one-year-old.

The Lanteigne family from Timmins (Smile for Me)

The Lanteigne family are finalists on the latest episode of America’s Funniest Home Videos after submitting a video of their son, Journey.

Little ones can show some attitude at times, but the Lanteigne family was surprised to see it so young from one-year-old Journey.

“I was cutting him up some hot dogs and he was being impatient, so he started rolling his eyes,” said his mom, Allie Lanteigne.

“So, I caught it on camera and then, a couple days later, my wife caught him doing it again. And then we had posted it on Facebook and a couple of our friends were like, ‘Oh my gosh, you guys should submit that.’”

To their great surprise, the video got the attention of the long-running show, America’s Funniest Home Videos.

“They called us and they said, ‘we want to air him,’” she said.

“We couldn’t believe it. And then they continued to tell us we were Top 3, and we were like, ‘What is happening?’ We were just, like, ecstatic. We had to pull over, we were just travelling home.”

The family joined the taping from home, with all the gear provided.

“We were so nervous, we had never done anything like this before,” Lanteigne said.

“We got to meet Alfonso, which was amazing. We were trying not to be fan girls.”

“We could hear the audience laughing, so we saw all the behind-the-scenes,” said mom Mona Lanteigne.

“We got to see what happens when they tell us, ‘Now clap, now do this.’”

They say it’s surreal to be featured on a show they loved as children.

The Lanteigne family are finalists on the latest episode of America’s Funniest Home Videos after submitting a video of their son, Journey.

'Our baby is going to be on the show'

“I just remember sitting down, you know, after dinner or whatever and just laughing and seeing all these crazy videos and people getting hurt,” Allie said.

“It’s just crazy, like a full-circle. We watched it as a kid, now we’re watching it with our kid. Our baby’s going to be on the show. It’s wild.”

“We watched it with our oldest, last week, and he was laughing so hard,” Mona added.

All thanks to little Journey and his infectious personality.

“They say the second child is the wild child, 100 per cent, they’re right,” Allie said.

“He is a wild little baby. Hilarious, no fear. He just has so much confidence and walks around like he owns the show. I just hope he keeps that forever.”

The Lanteignes know the results, but are waiting until the episode airs this Sunday to celebrate.

Prizes go up to $20,000 with the possibility of competing for $100,000. Top Stories

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