Northern Ontario got a lot of rain overnight and there were highway washouts in various places.

The Sault Ste. Marie area saw water levels rise and there was flooding in parts of the city.

It closed a number of city streets, and crews spent Thursday making repairs.

"Last night we had a lot of flooding. A lot of our ditches, everything was full. Our whole system actually was charged and overcharged in some cases, so roads were flooding." said City of Sault Ste. Marie deputy CAO Larry Girardi.

Steve Roberts lives near the Root River, which roared over the banks five years ago.

He says the neighbourhood was on alert with water levels rising on Wednesday.

"Neighbours were up all night looking at the river making sure water levels were staying at bay. And a couple times there it got pretty high, so everybody was just on alert." said Roberts.

Despite the flooding happening in areas all across the city, Girardi believes it could have been much worse if the multi-year, multi-million dollar reconstruction of the aqueduct system hadn't already begun

"Actually, last night things worked out pretty well. You have to keep in mind that we had, I think, three inches of rain in a few hours and then another one-point-two inches of rain after midnight. So, you have to look at the volume of rain. The system, I think, actually worked quite well for the amount of rain we received." said Girardi.

He says all roadways that were closed were reopened to traffic Thursday, adding further clean up from the storm will take about a week.