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Female barber on making her way in a male-dominated industry


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Meet Angele Latourelle is making her mark in a male-dominated industry as a barber and owner of Sudbury Barber Studio on Lasalle Boulevard across from the taxation centre.

Meet Angele Latourelle of Sudbury. In a male-dominated industry, she is making her mark as a barber in Greater Sudbury.

"Starting at 33, I never saw this for myself. It is easy to underestimate yourself," Latourelle told CTV News in an interview, watch full video above.

"I find in the salon industry setting it's very 'get the men in and out' in between colours and whatever and that's fine. We like to take our time and really like perfect cuts, perfect shaves. Give a man a real good, quality experience."

Ashley Latourelle is a Sudbury barber who owns a shop on Lasalle Boulevard. (Ashley Bacon/CTV Northern Ontario)

Angele Latourelle, a Sudbury barber, give a client a straight-razor shave. (Ashley Bacon/CTV Northern Ontario)

Being the only female at the shop, she has faced some discrimination.

"You do get the odd man who, mostly older gentlemen, who kind of (say) 'can I have a real barber,' those types of things," Latourelle said.

"But it just pushes me, honestly, it doesn't get me down or anything like that."

For the most part, though, she said Sudbury has been very welcoming and supportive of her and her business.

"A lot of men come in here getting the 'true barber experience' and they're really kind of wow'd," Latourelle said.

"Especially if … they're getting like something that they can't typically get at most hair salons. I won't say all, but most hair salons don't offer things like bald fades or beard grooming with a straight razor, those sorts of things."

Angele Latourelle owns Sudbury Barber Studio on Lasalle Boulevard. (Ashley Bacon/CTV Northern Ontario)

Because the community has been so supportive, the barbershop owner said it is important to her to give back in any way she can.

"We really want to do things for the community. It's important for me to be part of growing in the community and just helping out," Latourelle said.

Her success, she said, has made her daughter extremely proud.

"It's amazing to see my daughter really just verbalize how she feels and how awesome she thinks it is that I'm doing this," Latourelle said.

"She had shared with me the one day like 'can I tell my class that my mom's owning a business?'"

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