In Elliot Lake, there is a scathing report out from the office of the city's integrity commissioner regarding the behaviour of some members of council.

It’s a large document containing information about breaches of the city's code of conduct and suggestions of conflict of interest.

The report by the Office of the Integrity Commissioner states that it’s clear: Elliot Lake City Council is fractured.

This stems from the events surrounding the city’s decision to purchase the property at 151 Ontario Avenue, the site of the Algo Mall collapse.

It's land where there have been plans to build a community hub with recreational amenities.

Daniel Gagnon is the Chief Administrative Officer for the City of Elliot Lake. He says the purchase was a contentious issue.

"Well, there was a somewhat controversial decision to purchase the Algo Mall property in March. That was one sticking point that was difficult for some on council and in the community to absorb and that prompted some of the complaints," said Gagnon.

In the end, the Integrity Commissioner recommends that the Mayor, Dan Marchisella, face reprimand and be docked a month’s pay.

Two councillors are facing legal proceedings, with a recommendation that one be asked to resign.

It also recommends a complaint be made to the Real Estate Council of Ontario about a former councillor.

The cost to the public for the ongoing investigation is $56,000 so far.

"That is something they do need to investigate, if somebody thinks so. So, the amount? Sounds like a lot to me."

"Where there is money, a money grab, you are going to get greed and corruption. So, it’s not just Elliot Lake, it’s everywhere."

The next council meeting is set for Monday night.

Council is expected to discuss the findings of the Integrity Commissioners report and vote on reprimands.