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Did you hear the rumble in Sudbury Saturday?


The snowfall warning for Greater Sudbury and area, along with the rest of northeastern Ontario, after the first Saturday of spring saw as much as 20cm of snow fall in the region.

Many residents of the ‘Nickel City’ hear loud crashes as the snow fell. The rumble of thunder is not something northerners are accustomed to hearing during a snowstorm – however, this is the second time this year northern Ontario has seen the phenomenon.

Greater Sudbury also saw and heard ‘thundersnow’ in early February coming from a major storm that worked its way up from southern Ontario.

According to the Farmer's Almanac, thunderstorms occur when an air mass becomes so unstable that it overturns violently, usually when drastically different temperatures meet. Thundersnows are fairly rare because, in winter, "the lower layers of air are colder — and have a lower dew point, [meaning] these kinds of atmospheric clashes are very unusual during colder months."

"Still, thundersnow does happen," the organization said.

The thunder part of the storm had dissipated by about 5 p.m.

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