SUDBURY -- Despite massive cuts to programs and faculty, Laurentian University reported Thursday that enrolment for the spring semester is similar to that of 2020.

In a news release, Laurentian said are currently more than 4,300 domestic and international students enrolled for this spring semester, which began May 3.

“We are encouraged to see that our enrolment levels this spring are very similar to last year and substantially ahead of our 2019 enrolment," Dr. Robert Haché, president and vice-chancellor, said in the release.

"Students are wise to take advantage of the spring semester and further their education.”

The spring semester plays a key role in allowing students to take extra courses on new topics, or catch up on courses they may have missed.

"This semester, which will be delivered largely remotely, plays a key role in allowing students to continue their education safely from home," the release said.

Included in the spring semester are two gerontology courses (previously taught by Huntington) and six Indigenous studies courses (previously taught by the University of Sudbury).

"Through engagement with the Laurentian University Native Education Council, discussions are ongoing with respect to additional Indigenous studies courses that may be developed and offered by Laurentian in future, in addition to the existing programs and courses that currently exist," the release said.

Laurentian is currently undergoing restructuring after declaring insolvency Feb. 1, reporting hundreds of millions of dollars in long-term debts.

Under the Companies' Creditor Arrangement Act process, the school cut 39 per cent of its programs, which Laurentian said affected just 7.5 per cent of its students. It also terminated its agreement with three federated universities – Huntington, Thorneloe and the University of Sudbury.

Huntington signed a separation agreement with LU. Thorneloe continues to fight the decision in the courts, while the U of S wants Laurentian to give it all French-language programs so it can become a francophone university.