The sign says it all.

The 'The Kitten Cuddle Tent' has one goal for the rest of the summer.

"We're hoping to get 150 cats and kittens adopted within the summer months," said Erin Broule, Timmins Humane Society.

With adorable kittens, one would think it wouldn't be hard, but the humane society said it's doing everything it can to find homes for these little ones.

"We lowered all adoption costs by $50 for this event in the hopes to get our adoption rate up," Broule said.

The group has already found new homes for six animals.

On Friday, they were downtown at the Urban Park trying to find 144 cats new homes, with the help of young volunteers, like 11-year-old Elena Lionello.

"They love you no matter what! And like they love to cuddle, love to play," Lionello said.

Lionello already has three cats at home, but that doesn't stop her from wanting another.

"All of them. All of them," said Lionello, of the number of cats she'd like to adopt.

The Lionello's won't be taking home another cat on Friday, but some people are flirting with the idea.

"I already have a dog and two cats the two cats," said Cindy Larochelle.

Larochelle may not be in the market for another kitten just yet, but she does have some words of encouragement for those thinking about it.

"Every pet needs a home, and you know, they make wonderful pets they're kind of low maintenance and they give a lot back," Larochelle said.

The humane society knows all 150 cats won't be adopted in one day, that's why it will be here at the Urban Park every Friday, armed with adorable kittens for the rest of the summer.