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Cross-country skiers hit the trails in Sudbury Fitness Challenge


The Laurentian Nordic Ski Club hosted the first athletic event in the Sudbury Fitness Challenge for 2024 at Laurentian University on Sunday.

Several cross-country skiers hit the trails in a challenge that promotes the value of an active and healthy lifestyle through participation in physical activity.

Michael Lawson, 11, competed in the 2.5km nordic skiing event as part of the Sudbury Fitness Challenge on Sunday. Jan. 21/24. (Alana Everson/CTV News Northern Ontario)Michael Lawson is 11 years old and competed in the 2.5 km race.

He told CTV News that he enjoys every aspect of being outdoors and active.

“I do love it. I love how it’s outdoors and unlike downhill skiing, you actually have to kind of like work and this is my first race of the year because all of the other races got cancelled because there hasn’t been enough snow,” said Michael Lawson.

Sara McIlraith and Neil Phipps are the coordinators of the Sudbury Fitness Challenge.

“I absolutely believe in a healthy lifestyle and being active a fit is one of the most important things to be able to do that and to be able to have a community to do that with really engages people so it makes it a fun thing to do,” said Sara McIlraith.

The challenge is a series of seven athletic events to get people active no matter their age or fitness level.

Neil Phipps (left) and Sara McIlraith (right) are the coordinators of the Sudbury Fitness Challenge. (Alana Everson/CTV News Northern Ontario)“Daily there are scientific studies coming out showing that the number thing that you can do improve your life and your life span is strength and fitness,” said Neil Phipps.

“It is an epidemic that is not appreciated in our society that really needs to be addressed.”

The coordinators of the Sudbury Fitness Challenge said other events in the series include running swimming biking and paddling. Top Stories

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