In Sault Ste. Marie, a man convicted of being involved in the gruesome death of Wesley Hallam 7 years ago, is back in police custody.

Officers raided a home in the Soo's east end Thursday, resulting in the arrest of Eric Mearow, who is one of three men that served jail time in connection with the 2011 death of Hallam.

Police say a loaded firearm was found in the residence.

Five others are also facing charges in connection with the raid.

"As a result of the search warrant, officers found a stolen 22 calibre handgun. The handgun was loaded with one live round of ammunition in the chamber and nine additional rounds in the magazine. Eric Mearow and the other individuals were all taken into custody and charged with a number of firearm related offences." said Constable Sonny Spina of the Sault Ste. Marie Police Service.

Mearow was released from custody late last year after serving his sentence for manslaughter.

The crown, on Thursday afternoon, asked to adjourn to a later date to allow police more time to investigate the situation.