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Commercial driver charged after video captures dangerous pass on Highway 11


As dangerous driving continues to be a problem in northern Ontario, a 29-year-old commercial truck driver has been charged after nearly causing a head-on collision.

Officers with the James Bay detachment received a call Feb. 12 about a driver who made a dangerous pass on Highway 11 in Kapuskasing, Ontario Provincial Police said in a social media post.

Commercial driver charged after making dangerous pass on Highway 11 in Kapuskasing. Feb. 12/24 (Ontario Provincial Police)

Video provided by OPP -- see above -- shows the commercial driver crossing the double yellow centre line to pass another commercial vehicle nearly hitting an oncoming passenger vehicle on the snowy two-lane road.

The transport driver that made the pass was stopped just five minutes after the complaint and was charged, police said.

"The OPP relies on the public to ensure our roads stay safe," police said.

"If you witness any dangerous driving behavior, please don't hesitate to report it to us, your information could make all the difference." Top Stories

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