World Refugee Day is coming up later this month and on Tuesday, one of the most influential voices in the humanitarian field was in Sudbury to thank volunteers and sponsor groups.

Dr. Samantha Nutt is the founder of War Child Canada.

She has spent time on the front lines, running aid projects in many war-torn countries.

Dr. Nutt urges people not to be passive observers of the impacts of war.

“I wanted to leave them with the sense that there are things that they can do about the refugee crisis throughout the world. That these are challenges that they can implicate us all as Canadians, and that there are ways that we can take action through our donations, through support for refugee groups.” said Nutt.

She says it's also important to make responsible and ethical consumer and investment choices.

“In many cases, we are unwittingly investing in war. We are doing that through contributions to Canada Pension Plan, which has hundreds of millions of dollars invested in the world's top 100 arms manufacturers, through some of our personal pension funds.” said Nutt.

The event was presented by Huntington University in recognition of upcoming World Refugee Day on June 20th.

Kevin McCormick is the Presidentof Huntington University.

"Sometimes we may not have the economic resources, but we have the time.Sometimes employers can look for ways to give refugees an opportunity to apply the trade from a previous country or learn something new." said McCormick.

Huntington University offers a newly-established refugee scholarship fund.  

It's named after former Mayor and Member of Parliament Jim Gordon and his wife Donna for their tireless efforts sponsoring and resettling refugees.

"Oh, I think it's a wonderful thing, because when people are trying to make a better life for themselves, the best thing they can have is an education, especially for their children.” said Mrs. Gordon.

“It's a gift to Donna and I, and to all the people who work along with us, to be able to give people a new life.” said Mr. Gordon.

Dr. Nutt urged people who want to make a difference to also invest in knowledge and information about what's happening in the world and the impact of active wars in 22 countries right now.