TIMMINS – A retired Canadian astronaut with quite a resume was in Timmins on Oct. 7.

Dr. Dave Williams spoke to students and delivered a motivational presentation, telling them to chase their dreams.

Williams is a retired astronaut, an aquanaut, a jet pilot, a doctor, scientist, CEO, and now motivational speaker.

Williams says none of it came easy to him, but through it all, says he didn't give up on his dreams.

He says he likes to share his life story with young people to open their eyes to what's possible.

"I was very fortunate to help build the international space station. Now we're looking to go back to the moon. The Canadian that'll be the first one to walk on the surface of the moon is probably in the astronaut corps right now but the first Canadian to walk on Mars is probably just growing up and is in school right now dreaming of the opportunity to fly in space… I'm here to share my story and hopefully inspire them to go for their dreams," said Williams.

"I wanted to bring someone who you know during high school and even early days of university wasn't really sure what they were going to achieve to then see this incredible Canadian hero," said Lesleigh Dye, District School Board Ontario North East.

Williams also presented to families during the evening for free and gave away copies of his book, Defying Limits: Lessons from the Edge of the Universe.