NORTH BAY – In North bay, there are almost a dozen confirmed cases of bed-bugs in a downtown area apartment complex, Golden Age Towers.

"On October 1 we had a pest control company bring in trained dogs to sniff out where bed bugs were in the building. We knew there were 5 active cases that we were in the process of treating," said Melanie Shaye, District of Nipissing Social Services Administration Board.

Since then, bed bugs were found in 6 more units, and the social services board has been trying to tackle the problem by using heat treatment methods and chemicals.

The Golden Age Club, a senior's citizen centre that occupies the main floor, has reported no bed bug sightings, but says seniors are worried.

"The attendance figures have been down a little bit. There's this hysteria about bed bugs. I can assure you that there are no bed bugs on the main floor," said Peter Baranow, North Bay Golden Age Club.

"The tenants are working with us, and we're working with them to resolve the issues as quickly as we can, and we're going to be actually holding one of our board meetings there at the end of the year," said Shaye.

Baranow says he's optimistic that the bed bug problem will be over soon and things will settle down among seniors using the building.

"We have a regular pest control program on the main floor and upstairs, and I can't see it being an issue in the future," he explained.

The Social Services Board will be arranging for more treatment methods.