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ATV pulls Sudbury speed camera off its base, police say


Speed cameras at six locations throughout Greater Sudbury became operational on March 22.

The location of one of six automated speed enforcement cameras in Greater Sudbury. April 2, 2024. (Alana Everson/CTV News Northern Ontario)

The Greater Sudbury Police Service (GSPS) said it received a call about a speed enforcement camera being damaged in the Garson community over the weekend.

“A community member was driving by around 11:50 p.m. on March 29 when they saw the driver of an ATV attaching a strap around the camera,” said GSPS spokesperson Kaitlyn Dunn.

"An officer arrived on scene five minutes later and did find the camera detached from the base causing significant damage."

Sudbury police arrived at the site of the automated speed enforcement camera in the Garson community to find the camera detached from the base causing significant damage. This photo of the damage was taken serval days later on April 2, 2024. (Alana Everson/CTV News Northern Ontario)

Police released a brief description of the suspect.

“The information provided was a light-coloured ATV and the driver was wearing a helmet at the time," said Dunn.

"When the officer arrived on scene the driver was long gone. However, anyone with information is asked to contact police.”

Police said this kind of damage is considered mischief.

“Whether it be a mischief under $5,000 or mischief over $5,000 would be dependent upon the damage to the equipment and the penalty could range anywhere from restitution – so paying back for the damage or jail time if the person is convicted,” said Dunn.

Dunn said if someone sees a crime in progress they should contact police.

The city advised that if an individual come across a damaged speed camera, they should contact 311 to report the damage and the location. Top Stories

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