Two cases of road rage have been reported to the Greater Sudbury police within the last week and one incident resulted in assault charges.

The victim says he's still in shock and luckily, another driver caught the encounter on dash cam.

Blake Grenier of Greater Sudbury is still in disbelief after experiencing road rage that turned physical.

He says it started when he made a turn onto the Kingsway.

"The light was red. In my mind, I had tons of time to go, more than enough time, so I turned right and then there was a car that just sped up right behind me. I guess I was going too slow for him or he didn't like the way I was going, but he got really close to me," said Grenier.

He says he thought slowly braking was the best thing to do as a way to tell the driver behind him to slow down.

"I kind of gave him a friendly hand gesture, not out my window, but inside my car and then he was gone. And then, all of a sudden, he came back behind me and that's when I thought 'okay, now he's going to follow me wherever I'm going.' And I thought for sure he was going to follow me into a parking lot," said Grenier.

What happened next was caught on someone else's dash camera.

The video shows a silver sport utility vehicle race ahead to cut off Grenier's white car as it turned into a popular shopping area. The SUV driver stopped, preventing Blake from going further, then got out of his vehicle, and approached the driver's window aggressively before reaching out to smack the driver who was still in the vehicle. And that's where it ended. 

Grenier says he was cornered and then verbally and physically assaulted.

"He got out of the car. I wasn't given a second to say a word. He told me what he had to tell me, called me a couple names, and then just proceeded to slap me across the face and slap my sunglasses into the back seat. I congratulated him on assaulting hopefully his first and only cancer patient," said Grenier.

Police were notified and an investigation ensued.

The suspect was located and now, the 42-year-old SUV driver has been charged with assault and dangerous operation of a motor vehicle.

Police say if you ever find yourself in a similar situation, do not engage with the aggressor.

"The paramount is your safety. Concentrate on that safe operation of your own vehicle, don't continue to engage in any behaviour with the other driver to make the situation worse, and if confronted, make sure your windows are rolled up, lock your doors, and if you need help to call police," says Sergeant Robin Marcotte.

As for Grenier, he's still in shock over what happened, but feels his experience will make other drivers aware that road rage can happen anywhere at any time to anyone.