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Algoma University gets proactive when it comes to student mental health


Algoma University is rolling out a first of its kind program offering a proactive approach to student mental wellness in partnership with tech firm Talwind.

“Home sickness, stress, exam stress, anxiety, these are really normal situations that students experience in university,” said Algoma University student success director Karen Hudson.

Angad Baruah, an international student from India, and can attest to that mental strain.

“It’s very difficult, just to like move from one country to another, because you know, you’re experiencing very new things for the first time," Baruah said.

Though designed with incoming students in mind, all undergrads can visit the online student portal. Hudson said it's quite user friendly.

“The modules in Tailwind are very quick," he said.

"They give the information on a very high level for students and a very easy way to approach how they’re going to need to use the resources and when to use the resources.”

Tim Van Weerden, president of the Algoma University Student Union, said he is glad more is being done to help with the transition to post-secondary education.

“Being in the age between 18 and above is not an easy age in general," Van Weerden said.

"But I think over the last few years with the pandemic, it has put a lot of mental strain on students. So I’m very glad that the university is starting to prioritize mental health and looking after the well-being of our students.” Top Stories

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