TIMMINS -- Air cadets in northern Ontario had the rare opportunity to get a different view of Timmins, by flying in a two-person propeller plane over the city.

It’s part of the Royal Canadian Air Cadets’ "Operation Aurora" tour, with a stop in the North to fly cadets from Timmins, Englehart, Kirkland Lake and Iroquois Falls.

The program’s coordinators said where cadets in northern Ontario typically fly gliders, this is offers something different.

"A lot of these cadets will have had an opportunity to fly on a (commercial) flight ... but going up in a small airplane is a very personal experience," said Maj. James Lawson of the Central Regional Cadet Support Unit. "It’s one-on-one, it’s you ... and the sky, that’s it."

"The cadets that are here today, a lot of them are just astounded by what they’re seeing."

Cadets ranging from ages 12 to 18 each flew individually with one pilot for a 10 to 15-minute period through the city skyline, where they could hear air traffic control conversations and operate some of the plane’s controls.

More to come on-air and online.