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Agriculture conference coming to Sudbury


A large agricultural conference is returning to an in-person format this year at Sudbury's Holiday Inn.

This year's theme of the Northern Ontario Ag Conference is ‘Cultivating Connections & Celebrating Sustainability.’

It'll focus on topics such as the economic contributions of agriculture in northern Ontario, land conversion and tile drainage, forage production, cropping systems, nutrient management, innovations in horticulture, business development and marketing and northern Ontario food systems.

It'll feature research presentations, producer panel discussions, an interactive workshop and an exclusive screening of the short film, ‘The Southern Wind.’

"It can oftentimes seem as though there's not that much of it or it's just not there in many ways like it is in the rest of the province,” said Emily Seed, executive director of the Northern Ontario Farm Innovation Alliance.

“Which is true but we do have a very rich and vibrant agriculture scene across the north. Once you get past some of the challenges we do experience, it is possible to be successful in agriculture.”

The event will take place on Feb. 15-16.

For more information on how to attend or register, click here. Top Stories

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