SUDBURY -- On Aug. 15 the Greater Sudbury Soccer Club returned to the pitch.

The club has had a very busy three weeks training athletes aged 4 to 21as they tackle soccer in a different way.

"It’s still soccer," said Connor Vande Weghe of the Greater Sudbury Soccer Club.

"The kids are still getting to enjoy. We can have four games of ten players all playing at once here. The game hasn’t changed much but there is a new way of approaching soccer."

Upon arrival, each player has to check in, sanitize and confirm they are feeling well that day.

Coaches are also encouraging players to wear a mask and to keep their hands off of the balls.

Instead of the typical ‘throw in’ players are told to do ‘kick-ins.’

With the weather changing fast in northern Ontario, the real question is what happens to soccer when the snow falls?

"We’re hoping to find a place to run indoor soccer. One example could be working with the City of Greater Sudbury and maybe using an arena that doesn’t have ice in it," said Club Head Coach Giuseppe Politi.

"We are open to those ideas and our club is going to approach the City of Sudbury to see what we can provide for these kids so they can be active in the winter months."

The indoor season typically takes place at Sudbury’s soccer bubble on Lasalle Boulevard. Since the $4.1 million dome was built last February, it has been the home to local indoor soccer.

Currently, the Rainbow District School Board is only allowing Lasalle Secondary Students and students enrolled with the Rainbow Board to use the facility.

"It’s not open for community bookings yet. We hope it will be," added Politi.

"In an ideal situation we will be playing soccer at the bubble come November, but obviously given the conditions we are going to need a contingency plan. We are hoping as a club to work with the City of Greater Sudbury to keep these kids playing in the winter."