SUDBURY -- Hailey Nadeau is a 12-year-old girl from Sudbury who has a passion for making homemade keychains, magnets, and Christmas ornaments. 

In November she began selling them, committed half of the profits to the Make-A-Wish-Foundation, and is already making her first big donation.

This week Nadeau donated $1,000 to the Foundation marking a significant milestone for the young philanthropist.

Original Story: 

Hailey Nadeau of Sudbury is just 12-years-old but already has a passion and drive to create things in hopes of giving back. 

When The Candy Store in Sudbury re-opened in June after COVID-19 regulations forced them to close, Hailey has been selling homemade keychains and magnets.

With Christmas less than two months away, Nadeau has just started making Christmas ornaments and selling those as well.

Each item sells for anywhere from five to ten dollars and Hailey donates half of her profits to Make-A-Wish Foundation in honour of her older brother Tyler who beat thyroid cancer. 

“My brother was going to Sick Kids because he had thyroid cancer. He got accepted for a wish, he actually just got his wish, so I wanted to give back to them,” said Hailey. 

Tyler’s original granted wish was a trip to California that included going to Disney Pixar.  Due to COVID-19 the trip portion of his wish could not happen.

Instead, Make-A-Wish Foundation gave Tyler an Amazon shopping spree. 

“He was granted a wish, and that lifts the kid’s spirits while they’re doing treatment,” said their mom Tracey Lavoie. 

“It gives them something to look forward to. Make-A-Wish did a lot for us,” she added.  

Hailey originally started selling her keychains in February via her Facebook Page ‘Hailey’s Parler Shop.’

Between selling on Facebook and at The Candy Store, Hailey has raised over 900 dollars for Make-A-Wish. She says her goal is to hit the $1000 mark and then donate all the money together. 

“To make the bracelets, we make them with beads, and you can do all different patterns. Then you iron them with parchment paper and turn them into key chains,’ she said. 

“I want to eventually raise 1500 dollars or 2000 dollars and donate to Northern Ontario Families of Children with Cancer in Sudbury.”

While her brother Tyler is five years older than she is, Hailey says she knows he is proud of her.

“He’s glad that I do this, because he got to have his wish. So, he’s happy that I’m giving back to them and that I’m supporting him,” she said. 

Make-A-Wish Foundation is applauding Hailey’s efforts and told CTV News “Thank you to Hailey for giving back to help grant more children with critical illnesses.”

Today, Hailey’s older brother Tyler is cancer-free and doing well, but Hailey said she is going to continue to make key chains, magnets, and ornaments, and continue to donate to children and cancer foundations.