With a boom in the agricultural sector in Northern Ontario, there's a growing trend to teach students more about planting and livestock. 

The Timmins Fall Fair hosted an educational opportunity for grade two students on Tuesday at the Mountjoy Arena.

Students from two local schools learned about chickens, butterflies and milk.

They found out how many days it takes for a chicken egg to hatch, and they were taught that one way to encourage the Monarch butterfly population is to grow milkweed plants 

The lesson also included using food colouring, to learn the pros and cons about milk fat.

“You have to watch your fat content in the milk because of weight problems that we do see, and to let them know they are allowed two to three quantities of the milk product during the day. At the same time, just encouraging our Canadian milk, telling them, they have to look for that emblem to encourage Canadian farmers,” said Therese Chartier, a Timmins Fall Fair educator.

The Timmins Fall Fair takes place September 9th and 10th, but to encourage greater participation and awareness, the organization hosts events like the one held on Tuesday throughout the year.