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‘Worthy’ exhibit on display in North Bay


The Canadian Forces Museum of Aerospace Defence (CFMAD) in North Bay is celebrating its 25th anniversary with another new exhibit.

An exciting opportunity to showcase a history very different than what it normally shares, ‘Worthy: The History of the Royal Canadian Armoured Corps’ is on loan to the CFMAD from the Ontario Regiment Museum in Oshawa, Ont.

‘Worthy’ highlights more than 100 years of Canadian Army history.

“We have banner stands, there are mannequins here, some other smaller artifacts that tell history of the armoured corps all the way up in to modern day,” said museum curator Bethany Aitchison.

She told CTV News those who come to check out the exhibit can learn a lot.

“I hope people understand that Royal Canadian Armoured Corps history is really long standing in Canadian military history,” she said.

“It goes right back in to the First and Second World Wars but we also still deal with it modern day – so it’s a really long standing and current history as well.”

The exhibit will be on display in North Bay until October and admission is by donation.

For more information on the museum or this exhibit, visit their Facebook page. Top Stories

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