SUDBURY -- In the last 23 years, the House of Kin has provided more than 350,000 people with rooms at a discounted price while they have a loved one in Health Sciences North, or while attending medical appointments.

Officials say closing back in March for a couple of months was not an easy decision.

“In doing our part to flatten the curve, we decided to close," said Karly Bortolotti of House of Kin. "Being a non-profit, we just couldn’t afford to pay people when there were very (few) rooms being booked, and when surgeries stopped, it put a hit out on us.”

After many safety protocols were put in place, the home away from home for many opened its doors again just more than a month ago, but visitor numbers are still down.

“Sunday to Thursday, we would be anywhere between 80 to 100 per cent, now we’ve been anywhere from 25 per cent," Bortolotti said. "We have had a few days where we were at 50 per cent, which is nice to see for us and gives us a little but of hope.”

Guests say they are pleased the facility is back open.

“When you're paying out of your pocket all the time, then you need to wait two months to get reimbursed, it makes it tough at times," said Bob Benedict, House of Kin guest. "So the dollars saved certainly do help.”

“It’s nice,” said Mildred Kelly, another House of Kin guest. "You can walk from here to next door to the other doctors offices. If you need groceries, the grocery store is right there, and there’s other take out things that are really convenient."

Bortolotti said with revenues down right now, donations and fundraisers are critical, and she said every dollar goes a long way.