SUDBURY -- A new initiative to make sure that the most in-need are taken care of, has launched on Wiikemkoong First Nation.

Community Care Packages are now being delivered to the most vulnerable in the community, including elders and immunocompromised residents.

Chief Ogimma Duke Peltier says about 800 out of 1200 households are on the list to receive a care package.

"It’s been an overwhelming sense of gratitude from many of the homes because some of the items are things that aren’t on the shelves anymore in our local grocery store."

Each care package contains staple items like pasta, canned goods, and in some cases even diapers.

Chief Peltier says they are designed to complement kitchen needs and help keep people at home where they are safe.

"It is time for us to take this seriously and for us to remain physically separated."

Chief Peltier says trucks are arriving almost daily to drop off supplies and care packages are expected to be distributed over the next four weeks. 

"Our staff have been very busy over the last week unloading," he said.

"But they've also been re-packaging a lot of the bulk items into smaller more manageable sizes so that we can spread out the food that we have been able to source." 

Precautions are being taken during the packaging and distribution of the community care packages, including wearing disposable gloves and masks. 

There are no confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the community right now.