A group in northern Ontario, known as Active Sudbury, is continuing its push to promote what it calls “physical literacy.”  

With some new provincial funding, the group is taking the next step to enhance its cause in the community.   

From kicking a ball, to throwing one, and being taught how to run without injury, students at Churchill Public School in Sudbury recently learned about physical literacy.

"The more of these skills I have, the more of these activities I have access to. And the more confident and motivated I am to participate in those activities." said Martin Dubuc of Active Sudbury.

The group is made up of several community partners with a goal of promoting fitness and healthy lifestyles.

Through provincial funding, the group received $450,000, over the next three years. Part of the money will go towards training and certifying post-secondary students in the principles of physical literacy.

"It's a heavy outreach to the communities, so through all of the various partners that we have we would like to try to hit many different facets of the community." said Randy Pascal of Active Sudbury.

Although this initiative is for people of all ages and abilities, it's especially aimed at young students.

"I think this is a good program because it gives people more practice." said student participant Jesse Barry.

"The last event was really hard because we had to kick and throw, and at the end, like the last one, we screamed!" said another student Ava Leck.

Going into schools is a big priority for Active Sudbury.

Group members say by addressing physical literacy at a younger age, they hope people will adopt healthier habits earlier, habits that will hopefully last a lifetime.