An official with an Ontario attraction says it is struggling to find lifeguards as the weather starts to heat up.

"It’s not only an Ontario problem, it’s happening right across Canada, and in the United States," said Steve Mayer, the general manager of Wet 'n' Wild Toronto.

"Most parks from what I’ve seen are down 30 per cent in applications from lifeguards."

Mayer said people are interested in applying but a couple of things are influencing theme parks.

"COVID really impacted our industry. A lot of kids weren’t able to get in pools so their licences expired, and, in the meantime, found other jobs."

Mayer said getting young people trained as lifeguards is important but he added that process certainly takes time.

"It takes 20 to 30 hours of training to become an attendant or an assistant lifeguard. And then again, it can be years for full lifeguards."

Despite the shortage in North America, Mayer said Wet 'n' Wild Toronto does, in fact, have enough lifeguards at the facility in Brampton, so this shortage will just mean those young people will be working more hours.