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Sudbury’s Shoebox Project for women is well underway

The Shoebox Project was founded in Toronto more than a decade ago and has since grown into a national organization. Sudbury officials say the program was put together to bring a smile to women and girls who don’t typically have anything or anyone reaching out to them during the holiday season.

North Bay

Sault Ste. Marie

Ukrainian families now call the Sault home

The Kole family has been in Canada for just over four months. That's nearly the same amount of time their lives in the Ukraine were impacted by military assaults and occupation by neighbouring Russia.

Northern Ontario still dealing with higher than average opioid deaths

As Ontario's chief coroner says opioid deaths are slowing down in Ontario, northern communities continue to rank higher than the rest of the province. Algoma and Sudbury districts share the second-highest number of opioid related deaths per-capita, behind Thunder Bay, which sits at number one.


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