SUDBURY -- Colton Gobbo, 20, said he is getting a lot of support from his hometown of Sudbury, Ont. after the launch of a new series on the streaming service Netflix.

He plays a supporting role in Ginny & Georgia, a series about a lively, single mom who moves her two kids to a small, suburban town to get a fresh start. The show's first season has 10 episodes, each of which runs just under one hour, and was launched at the end of February.

Gobbo appeared in eight of the show's episodes.

"I play a character named Jordan and really he's just a classic high school guy. Loves to party, loves to have fun, and he's dating one of Ginny's best friends – her name is Nora. And so throughout the entire show, Jordan is hanging out, he's kind of the positive one of the group," Gobbo said.

He said the show was filmed between August and December 2019 in the Greater Toronto Area, including North York, Mississauga and some studios in Toronto.

"I'm sure if you ask anyone (in the cast), we were not expecting this kind of reception," Gobbo said. "I can say the set was the best I've ever worked on, and I can't stress this enough, how great the community was, how fantastic it was of an experience. So we kind of hoped that it would make it here, but seeing it coming to fruition is a great feeling."


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He said the highlight of his experience working on the project was meeting everyone involved.

"A lot of the work that I got to do was with a group of people and a group of young adults who are tremendous actors. So just having the chance to spend some time with them, a lot of, kind of, fake partying, which led into the real stuff," Gobbo said. "Yeah, it was just an incredible experience to make those connections to make so many great friends."


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He is very appreciative of all the support from his community.

"So many people reaching out. So many just wishing their congratulations and talking about how much they enjoy the show -- which I appreciate so incredibly -- and it's such an immense feeling to feel the support from Sudbury, especially, and all these people that I've known growing up. It's a strange feeling, I will say that," Gobbo said.


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It is not Gobbo's first experience as an actor on the small screen. According to the online internet movie database, he has also appeared on Orphan Black, Taken, Titans, and Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark.

Few details have been released, but Netflix has announced that Ginny & Georgia has been renewed for a second season, hopefully, Gobbo will get to reprise his role as Jordan.

With files from Dana Roberts, CTV News Sudbury.