A break-in this week at the building that is home to the Sisters of St. Joseph and other seniors in North Bay has shaken up residents and staff. 

Police say a security guard caught three intruders in the act, but they all got away. Officials think one of the intruders jumped to escape from the third floor at the Sisters of St. Joseph Motherhouse.

"The security guard believes the person left through the balcony," said Staff Sergeant Rick Dubeau, North Bay Police Service.

"It would be an 80 foot drop. There is nothing to indicate the person landed on the ground and a search through the hospital didn't have anybody injured."

Police say three men broke into the residential complex and were discovered on the third floor by a security guard.

Two of the men fled down a stairwell. The other was cornered by the security guard on a balcony, and that's when the guard believes he jumped. 

Robert Deschamps, head of security at the Motherhouse, applauded the guard's efforts.

"They are very pleased on what he's done because none of the sisters actually got hurt, so he did a very good job contacting the incident," said Deschamps.

Sister Josie McKechnie says some of the residents have been dealing with feelings of fear and unease since the break-in.

"I think the hardest part was in all of the years, this building has been here since 1938, and we've never had an experience like this.  I think that was very distressing to them that someone would invade their home in such a fashion," McKechnie explained.

With that being said, the sisters have reacted in a unique way to the incident. 

"The sisters, I have to say, have had a wonderful response because actually they ended up praying for the three offenders," said McKechie.

"Their hope would be that whatever desperation in their life could be corrected and that they would find a better path really to walk."

No one in the building was injured and nothing was taken.  Management has been meeting with employees and the sisters to work through any anxiety as a result of the break in.   

The North Bay Police Service is still investigating the incident.