It was a bit of an unusual day at the CTV studio in North Bay.

"We are using your studio for our set today," said Jerry O'Connell, star of the detective drama Carter.

"We have a storyline where our local DJ in our fictitious town of Bishop which is North Bay is involved in a crime and you've been kind enough to allow us to use your studio."

Three days ago, the set design team for the Carter came in and turned the back offices into a set for one of the episodes.

"The writers came up with the idea of exploring a radio station and so that is why we're here," said Teza Lawrence, Carter executive producer.

"We have transformed one of your rooms into a radio station."

The cast and crew said they have been loving the last three and a half months of filming in North Bay.

"I've got a great cottage on Nipissing, so I've been able to have my summer at the cottage. It's also where I go home at the end of the day and sit on the end of the dock and watch the sunset," said Mike Souther, Carter executive producer.

The show Carter follows the adventures of Harley and Sam, characters played by Jerry O'Connell and Sydney Tamiia Poitier.

"Harley was a Hollywood actor who plays a cop on TV and his life kind of implodes and he comes home to the town he's from in Canada and he reunites with his best friend Sam who is a detective at the police department," said Poitier.

"He keeps trying to sort of insert himself into her cases to solve these cases because he thinks because he played one on TV he must know everything."

There's only one week left of filming in North Bay. 

Cast and crew are keeping their fingers crossed that they get the green light for a second season, which would bring them back to the city next year.