With spring just days away, along with rainfall and warmer temperatures in the forecast, the North Bay-Mattawa Conservation Authority has issued a Water Safety statement to caution area residents of the growing risks near and around bodies of water.


“The combination of snowmelt and rainfall over the next two days will increase runoff to watercourses and water bodies. Water levels in creeks and rivers are low or average for this time of year, so flooding isn’t expected,” said NBMCA Duty Officer Kurtis Romanchuk.


There is some uncertainty with the amount of rainfall expected. The authority could see anywhere between five and 25 mm of rain expected by Thursday evening. Residents may find water ponding on roads, parking lots and on flat, low-lying areas.


The conservation authority is advising that banks alongside rivers and creeks become slippery with rain and melting conditions. When combined with cold water, it could spell for disaster.


The authority is also encouraging parents keep their children and pets away from lakes and rivers which may have melting ice.