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Voting against Bill 60 happening this weekend

Voting is underway in a public ‘referendum’ in the North Bay area.

It's being staged by the Ontario Health Coalition and it's for people who are against Bill 60, which the coalition calls the privatization of public health care in the province.

On Saturday, 25 locations will be set up in North Bay and surrounding area for people to vote against Bill 60.

More than 105,000 people across the province have already voted online, according to North Bay and District’s Health Coalition.

“We believe that the people were fooled by the government, in the fact that they weren’t told the truth about them bringing this forward,” said Henri Giroux.

“We strongly believe just because the government has the power and has the majority it doesn’t mean they have the power of the people, we have the power of the people so we need to speak up.” 

Giroux said votes will be collected Sunday and then taken to Queen’s Park on Wednesday. Top Stories

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