SUDBURY -- It's one of the largest cannabis seizures in the Sudbury area in recent years.

Greater Sudbury Police confirm they seized almost $2 million worth of cannabis from a rural property in Chelmsford this week, including 1,000 outdoor plants.

Police also uncovered a lab on the property that posed several dangers. Officers said it was being used to make hash oil.

"It was fuelled by volatile substances, so you can imagine that when officers enter a building a see something like that that has been put together, there is a concern for safety of everybody -- the officers, those on the property and the public," said Det. Insp. John Valtonen of the Greater Sudbury Police Service.

Investigators said two men, ages 31 and 63, and a 62-year-old woman have been charged with cultivation of cannabis.

"I firmly believe that the intent of a criminal enterprise is to make money, and that money is made on the street," Valtonen said. "So certainly we have put at least that part of it on its heels."

Police said the operation was clearly not put up overnight. They are calling this a complex investigation with further charges likely.