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Vaping among young people is on the rise


About 15 per cent of youth vape, according to a community health promoter with the North Bay Parry Sound Health Unit.

“In fact, 84 per cent are using products that have nicotine in them,” said Alyssa Bedard.

Bedard said there are several reasons why young people are vaping.

“It could be peer influence, plus easy to access the products from peers and a lot of them just enjoy it because of the sensation, and gives them a buzz,” she said.

The health promoter said many youth are also vaping to cope with stress in their life.

“Many use it because of anxiety and a lot are grabbing them because a lot of others are doing it, so why not them,” Bedard said.

She said vaping products come in so many different flavours that appeal to youth.

“They come in different candy and fruit flavours," Bedard said.

"And it makes it really appealing for young people to really want to try this item ... So many vape products on the market contain nicotine. One vape pod can contain as many as 20 cigarettes."

The health promoter is also warning about the effect of vaping on a teenager’s brain.

“The brain develops about until the age of 25," she said.

"It is undergoing different and important changes during that time. Vaping can influence learning, memory, concentration and attention. All of which are important (for) success in school.”

Bedard said vaping can also worsen a student’s mental health and increase anxiety.

She added there is information about smoking and vaping cessation programs on the health unit’s website. Top Stories

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