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Vandalism continues to happen at a church in Sudbury’s downtown core


Officials at Sainte-Anne-Des-Pins Catholic Church say vandalism has been happening over the past 15 years, but more recently, it’s gotten worse.

Over the past few years, the statues at the church have been vandalized repeatedly, and in this latest incident, someone beheaded Mary.

“The statue was vandalized three years ago. The head of baby Jesus was broken and we had it repaired and then it was broken again last fall and then this spring the Virgin Mary’s head was decapitated,” said Michel Chretien, with Sainte-Anne-Des-Pins.

“The arms, the fingers and the crown on the head of Virgin Mary have also been subject to some vandalism throughout the years. The statue itself is, I think, pretty well beyond repair at this time.”

Those with the board said it’s very disheartening.

“St. Anne Des Pin was founded in 1883. So, it is the oldest church in the city of Sudbury. It’s more less considered the mother church of all Catholic Church’s in the area,” said Chretien.

“It’s always been regarded, I think as a safe haven for the population of Sudbury and we want it to remain that way.”

Those involved with the church decided the only way to try and stop vandals is by adding a fence.

“It will be a six-foot-high fence surrounding the whole property and hopefully then we can surround the grounds from vandalism,” said Chretien.

The board says the cost of the fence will be roughly $200,000, with half of it being funded by the federal government.

The church says it will be covering the remaining amount but is also asking for community support.

“We’re starting a fundraising program where we’re selling the fence for $125 per foot,” said Chretien.

The fence is set to be installed sometime in September, and once it’s up, officials with the church will look into replacing the statue.


An earlier version of the article quoted the church being founded in 1983 in error.

St. Anne Des Pin was founded in 1883. Top Stories

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