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University of Sudbury announces 23 programs and program options for 2025


The University of Sudbury is planning to offer 23 programs and program options beginning in September 2025.

The school made the announcement Tuesday. A full list of the programs can be found here. They include courses in arts, social sciences, management/commerce and health sciences, the university said in a news release.

“Each will be built around the University of Sudbury’s common core curriculum on leadership, an exclusive and innovative skills-based program which aims to help students succeed in a diversified, complex and dynamic economy,” the release said.

The announcement follows the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the University and the University of Ottawa back in March.

“The Université de Sudbury’s value proposition is unique in Ontario,” Dr. Serge Miville, president and vice-chancellor of the University of Sudbury, said in the news release.

“The one program, two degrees formula allows students in the north to reap the benefits of two of Ontario’s most experienced universities, which are at the forefront of the knowledge and attuned to the needs of our economy. Leadership-focused experience at the university provides invaluable value directly related to the skills sought by employers in the North and across Canada. The renaissance of French-language university programming in Sudbury will provide choice to local students, and anchor youth and talent here in the North.”

In addition to the new programs, this summer the university will be hiring Grade 11 students to co-create the reimagined university student experience.

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