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Ukrainian church in Sudbury sees influx of parishioners from Ukraine, launches renovation effort

St. Volodymyr's Ukrainian Orthodox Church on Baker Street is seeing an influx of new parishioners as more families from Ukraine settle in Sudbury.

The people running the Sudbury landmark are launching fundraising efforts to bring the church back to its original glory.

"We have been very blessed that some of them have come to Sudbury," said Peter Zloczewski, president of St. Volodymyr's Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

 “We are hoping to have a spiritual restoration here within the church to allow these people to have a community where they can share their language, where they can join in with others to worship.”

The church is a unique landmark in Sudbury. Domes adorn the rooftop and inside there are brightly painted biblical figures and stained glass windows.

"Church populations have been decreasing but we have the opportunity now to increase our population at the church due to the Ukrainian immigrants that are coming in because of the war," said Terry Martyn, the choir director at the church.

“They are looking for churches to attend to this is the perfect opportunity to try to revitalize the church.”

Church officials said the building, which dates to the late 1930s, needs structural repairs, from a leaky roof to water damage.

Right now a priest from Toronto travels to Sudbury once every six weeks for divine liturgy. As part of the restoration effort, the church hopes to increase services and obtain a full-time priest.

"Our church is now 85 years young and the rejuvenation that we are experiencing with the recently arrived Ukrainians has brought their families, it's brought children to a church where there was an aging population," said Zloczewski.

To help raise the $200,000 needed for the restoration the church is planning upcoming fundraisers. Right now it's holding book sales every Friday from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. and Saturday from 1:30-4 p.m. at the church. Top Stories

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