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Two separate Sudbury dog attacks spark fear there will be more


Two dog owners are sharing their stories about recent terrifying and traumatizing dog attacks in the Donovan neighbourhood of Greater Sudbury.

Brandy, Sylvia Carpenter, Donna Marie Cote, and Max (left to right) connected after both dogs and owners were attacked by another dog in the Donovan area. June 13, 2024 (Alana Everson/CTV Northern Ontairo)

Both women and their dogs were injured by what they said is a pit bull-type dog.

Donna Marie Cote said she is still traumatized by the attack on her eight-month-old Shih Tzu Max on May 16 in the back laneway of her home.

Max was on a leash at the time.

"I saw a girl coming down the street with a pit bull on a leash that just looked like a rope and I could see that she, obviously, couldn’t control the dog," Cote said.

The attack was captured on home surveillance video in the lane at Bessie Avenue and Jean Street.

"Corner of my eye, I see the dog coming, charging at me. So I pulled my dog up into my arm," Cote said.

"And the dog came, the pit bull grabbed my arm and my dog fell and then he picked up my dog by the neck and he shook my dog till the dog went unconscious."

She suffered injuries to her arm after trying to protect Max.

Police responded, but not bylaw or animal control that evening, she said.

Adding, the dog responsible has not been located even though it was followed after the attack to a nearby building.

Eight-month-old Shih Tzu Max in a cast after being attacked by another dog on May 16. (Donna Marie Cote)

"I am terrified. I am not used to feeling like this, it’s not like me at all," said Cote.

Donna Marie Cote suffered injuries in vicious dog attack in the Donovan neighbourhood. (Supplied)

Another dog -- a 13-year-old Shar-Pei-Beagle mix named Brandy that was adopted after appearing on CTV Take Me Home Tuesday -- was attacked on May 24 in the same neighbourhood.

Take Me Home Tuesday: Brandy at Sudbury SPCA. March 21/23 (CTV Northern Ontario)

Her owner Sylvia Carpenter said Brandy was also on a leash at the time of the attack.

"Basically, saw it coming from across the street," Carpenter said.

"When I did first see it, I knew that it was a big dog and that it was a powerful dog and that these people couldn’t control it."

She said the dog mauled Brandy and knocked her over.

Sudbury woman suffers bruises and puncture wound in vicious dog attack in the Donovan area. (Sylvia Carpenter)

Carpenter said she was able to wave down a Greater Sudbury police officer who was in the area, but neither bylaw or animal control responded the afternoon of the attack.

"How I felt was scared, vulnerable and very mad, very, very mad that this was happening to my old, sweet dog," she said.

The women connected after the groomer of both dogs heard about the attacks and put them in touch. reached out to the city, which confirmed in an emailed the attacks are being actively investigated by bylaw police and animal control.

In the meantime, both dog owners said they are terrified and worried about more dog attacks.

"I am worried that a human could be hurt too, another person trying to save their dog. Trying to save your dog because that is what you are going to do," said Carpenter.

"I am angry that we don’t have proper animal control," said Cote.

"People don’t even know how much in danger they are from dogs like this."

Cote said she wants to turn her trauma and anger into action.

She said she is thinking about starting a petition for better animal control in the city. Top Stories

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