YMCA locations in Sudbury and North Bay are amalgamating and creating a regional board of directors.

The new arrangement was made official in North Bay on Thursday under the name 'YMCA of Northeastern Ontario'.

While both facilities will remain fully operational, the decision was made to bring the two together under one board; in hopes of improving services and funding.

“I really think it means a growth in job prospects in terms of the type of challenges folks can experience,” said Helen Francis, YMCA of Northeastern Ontario chair.

“Of course, as we aim to reach out to the rest of northeastern Ontario we also hope it can attract more partnerships and sponsorships on a regional level, which we will need in order to have the ability to sustain programs that reach beyond our community borders and into the great northeastern Ontario region.”

Francis said there are no immediate plans to add the YMCA locations in Timmins and Sault Ste. Marie; however, she said the idea could be considered at some point down the road.