NORTH BAY -- For the last seven weeks, the YMCA in North Bay and in Sudbury have been offering virtual classes. But the Y says it's ready to start outdoor classes with limited spots starting July 13.

“We’re taking a max of nine participants in each of our class respecting the grouping of 10, with our instructors being the 10th person,” said Nicole Beattie of the YMCA in North Bay. “There will be pre-health screening that we will be asking our participants to do. We will be respecting physical distancing.”

In Sudbury, the YMCA says it will offer six weeks of cycling and boot camp classes.

Meanwhile, in North Bay, instructors will be leading dynamic boxing and boot camp classes.

“We are going to have a whole bunch of different weights available to people to do. And we will definitely be respecting the social distancing,” said fitness instructor Lynette O’Donnell. “We will be asking people to make sure that they bring their own mat because that’s a soft fabric. The YMCA will not be open for washrooms, so come ready to work out and bring a lot of water. We are really fortunate because we have space at the back that actually has some shade.”

O’Donnell said the classes will take place behind the YMCA buildings in shaded areas, since much of the north continues to be under a heat advisory.

The YMCA said it will also be offering equipment rentals for members looking to bring their workouts home.

“If we still have spots available for non members, we will post it on social media and our website for non members to be able to access equipment rental," Beattie said. "But right now it’s just for the members ... And then for the classes, there’s a member and non-member rate. So members who were members pre-COVID can join, as well as the community.”

With COVID19 restrictions still in place, pools will remain closed.

Those looking to get in on an outdoor class can do so by phone either the North Bay or Sudbury YMCA once registration opens Wednesday at 10 a.m.