NORTH BAY -- A video of a transport truck allegedly blowing past a stopped school bus with its lights flashing has sparked outrage on social media.

Last Friday morning, Cara Smetana was making sure her three boys got on their school bus safely at the end of their driveway in Marten River, north of North Bay, when it happened.

It was around 7 a.m. and the sun had not yet come up.

The incident was captured on video, and now, the family is on a mission to track the driver down and have them charged.

"The boys jokingly said ‘mom, get your phone out,’ and my wife was like ‘no, he’s going to stop, it’s fine.’  Luckily, she did take her phone out because he didn’t (stop)," said Dave Smetana, the boys' father.

Their message to other drivers is simple: you must stop when you see lights on a school bus flashing.

"In the four years that we’ve been here, it’s probably happened twice a year. Pay attention and stop for the school bus," said Dave.

The father of three says he has jumped in his truck and chased offending drivers in the past, and has reported offences to the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP), which has resulted in charges being laid.

Smetana says he’s even gone to court to testify after drivers challenged the charges.

The family says this is the second time in less than a month that a vehicle has passed their sons’ school bus.

"Nov. 26, I was out here in the evening this time and he went past the school bus. I got his license plate and he was charged," said Smetana.

OPP say they have seen the video and are urging drivers to remain attentive to school buses.

"What I’m encouraging the public to do or bus drivers to do is call the OPP or their local police service. Make sure you call. Those kind of things need to be reported. There’s precious cargo on those buses," said OPP Constable Michelle Simard.

The family is asking the school bus company to put dash cams on all school buses right away and is hoping something like this doesn’t happen again.