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Top-notch Canadian curlers on hand at youth camp in North Bay


Some of the top curlers in Canada and northern Ontario led a camp for young curling athletes in North Bay this week.

“Mostly it’s technical, but first we really want them to just enjoy the sport, and that’s the main goal for us,” said Laurie St-George, who’s been curling for 19 years.

“They work so hard the whole week to prepare for the big competition at the end, so just to see them enjoy it and make some shots. They really had a blast.”

Sixty athletes took part in the camp, a healthy increase compared to last year’s total of 34.

“It’s really reassuring to have that many kids come back and then double,” said camp director Sean Turriff.

“No matter what level they want to play at -- whether it be the Olympics, club champ, or just be a social curler -- we want them to come back.”

St-George was one of five big-time curlers in attendance this week and she told CTV News getting to lend her knowledge to the youth athletes is what she enjoys.

“For me, it was so difficult to not throw this week because I’m so used to throwing all the time,” she said.

“But just to be there and see the kids enjoying being on the ice, seeing their smiles just enjoying curling, it’s amazing to see.” Top Stories

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