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Timmins woman writes book to help children and families discuss adoption

Timmins -

For years, Lynn Deiulis has wanted to write a book for children and families about how to talk about adoption.

The idea for her self-published guide, 'What is your Story?' is based on personal and professional experience.

“When kids are not born into the family that they’re raised in, they have questions," said Deiulis.

"Sometimes they’ll ask their questions and it’s openly answered and sometimes it shuts down, and so then they start to feel is it something about me. Did I do something wrong? How did get here?"

Deiulis retired from the adoption services sector this summer and began writing the book after spending the past few years searching for birth parents, relatives and foster parents.

She said she understands the issue can be an uncomfortable topic for children who are adopted or who live in kinship with other relatives.

“They always find it a struggle -- how do we bring it up? How do we talk to the kids about their adoption status? When do we do it? How old should they be?"

After meeting one of her half-sisters and learning that she was an artist, Deiulis asked her to illustrate the pages of her book.

“I mean, the words had always been there but when I put them to the characters, it just made sense," she said. "It’s a real book and it talks about real facts, so it talks about genetic traits, it talks about cultural traits.”

Deiulis said there are many ways to use the interactive book and when the discussion gets too heavy, there are activity pages after each chapter. There, kids can use things like word searches and drawing pages to help release any overwhelming feelings they might have. Top Stories

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