A stay-at-home mom in Timmins is finding success making and selling hair accessories for kids.

Almost two years ago, Keisha Keown was a full-time mom with a toddler son and a daughter on the way.

She says there was a lack of elegant-looking bows on the market, so she decided to get creative. It was then that her home-based business, The Bowed Doe, was born. 

A modest venture at first, the business has made waves with moms, giving Keown the ability to operate a business while caring for her kids.

“We all need our own time to have something that we’re proud of for ourselves and give us our own self-worth. So, that’s what I liked about it, is I feel like I'm doing something on my own and I'm building something. And it makes me feel proud of what I'm doing. And it gives my kids something to look up to," said Keown.

The entrepreneur says she sells around 1,500 bows per month, mostly online, but also through retail stores.

Parents all over North America seem to be smitten with the brand, as Keown has an online community of over 4,000 'does and bros'.

Kat Menard has turned from being one of The Bowed Doe customers to being a virtual assistant for the business, and says she’s proud of what Keown’s accomplished.

“It’s incredible. Not only to make a business that is successful enough for her to stay home with the kids, but also one that has brought together this group of moms from all over, where it literally is a community. It’s just incredible,” said Menard.

Keown even collaborates with other mom-businesses and has inspired others to start their own.

She has some advice for moms thinking about starting their own venture:

“If there’s something they want to do outside of the 'mom world,' they should do it. Because they’re going to be a better mom if they do something they love outside of it. I think it’s important to have that little time away from your kids and have something that’s just you. It makes you a better mom when you are with your kids,” said Keown.

She is planning to release her next batch of bows on August 11 and says at the rate her business has grown, she could certainly expand if she wanted to.

But for now, she prefers her products to have a personal touch and keep her Bowed Doe community thriving.