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Timmins seniors' residence opens in-house thrift shop

The people who reside at Spruce Hill Lodge in the South Porcupine area of Timmins are enjoying a new and exclusive retail experience.

Norman Gernat, a resident at Spruce Hill Lodge in South Porcupine, enjoys shopping at the new thrift shop located in the facility. He said it makes him "more mobile." June 2/23 (Lydia Chubak/CTV Northern Ontario)

It's a private thrift store with the added benefit of a personal shopper.

She's Tammy Picard, the resident coordinator at the lodge.

Picard said she had a hunch people who live in the retirement community might enjoy the opportunity to shop closer to home.

"A lot of them don’t go out and a lot of them look for something to do," she said.

"The activities are always full, so I thought let’s do you know who doesn’t like retail therapy and I thought 'Why can’t they have it here?'"

Picard along with the help of her parents, transformed an unoccupied room in the facility into a mini-mall with a variety of items for women and men.

Complete with a shopping cart, change room and check-out counter, the store is fully equipped to serve shoppers.

Resident Bernadette Miron said she just loves it.

"I don’t have to go out and get our clothes, they’re right over here and it’s beautiful," Miron said.

"I just bought some new stuff."

Another resident, Norman Gernat, said getting to this thrift shop helps make him more mobile.

"I’m able to get around and make a selection, make a purchase and keep myself well dressed," he said.

Every dollar goes back into funding the residence, which is a not-for-profit organization.

"Our shirts are 50 cents, our pants are $1," said Picard.

"You know they’re all on a pension and rent is expensive as well you know and so it was important for me that they could still feel that they’re buying their own things," she said.

"And it’s not a give out because a lot of them have pride."

Picard said there's even a lineup to get through the door since only four people can shop at a time, twice a week.

Anyone who wishes to donate suitable items to the Spruce Hill Lodge Thrift Shop can contact the office. Picard said the community has already been generous. Top Stories

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